Firstly found on site. reservation. form, number of children, starting place, and destination.
Then press the "calculate" button. Select the tool you want from the list of tools.1. 3. 4. 7. 5. 9.
Check the number of suitcases, child seat options.
Your personal information. and enter the flight details and press the "Book full" button.
Your reservation. completed! Information and Booking. your number has been sent to your email. Please check the span folder of your e-mail.
You will receive an email after your reservation. This email contains your reservation information and reservation number. You can see the booking status and change your booking details with your reservation number or the buttons in your email.
The first e-mail you receive is automatically sent when you make a reservation. After reviewing your booking, our team will confirm your reservation and a second confirmation email will be sent. The second confirmation e-mails are sent within an average of 10 minutes.
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